Clients who registered to use EzTrade (trading online) at FPTS.


Step 1: You can log in by:

  1. Accessing our homepage: www.fpts.com.vn and click on the EzTrade icon.
  2. Typing  directly at the address: https://eztrade.fpts.com.vn

Step 2:  Type account number, login password and click Login


-         Upon your first login: Type the login password provided by FPTS, click Login, you will be prompted to change your login password for security.

-         If your login password is entered incorrectly 03 times, your account will be automatically locked for security reason.

-         In case your password is forgotten or locked, please contact the FPTS Customer Service Department by telephoning (84).4.377.370.65 (Hanoi) for password recovery assistance.


After successful login, you can start to place Buy/Sell orders

1. Place order

You can place an order by:

1.      Directly entering your Buy/Sell order on Order Form.

2.      Placing orders from the stock portfolio in Market Watch (read detailed Market Watch User Guide for reference)


-     Right click the stock symbol in the stock portfolio

-     Choose Buy/Sell


Use mouse or Tab key to move to next fields to input order information


-         Uncertain about stock code, you can use “Symbol” to search for the desired stock code.

-         After you enter the stock code correctly, the system will automatically show its name, reference, ceiling and floor prices.

-         Price unit is Vietnam DONG, please note that no hyphen, comma, nor full stop should be used in between.

Step 2:  Order confirmation

-         After completing the order information, press Enter or click “Submit”.

-         If order conditions are met, the system will show the order confirmation screen and you will be asked to provide your trading password.

o       Before typing trading password, please re-check your order information to ensure the details are correct.

o       Type your trading password and click “Confirm” to send your order or “Cancel” if you wish to cancel your order.


-         Trading password:

o       If Token Card is used: Trading password is Token’s pass code (e.g. 6 digits displayed on Token screen or PIN code plus 6 digits on screen, in case you add PIN code – read Token Card User Guide).

o       If Token Card is not used: Trading password is a static one provided along with login password by FPTS.

-         Change login and trading password:

o       Choose “ Personal information” Tab

o       Select “Change password”.

Note: When order information is input, FPTS system will check it and show relevant messages             


Before Cancelling/Modifying the placed order, please read the Temporary Trade Report to know if the order is traded or not. For fully traded orders, cancel/modify orders are not valid.

There are 2 steps: 

Step 1:  Choose “Pending orders” in “STOCK TRANSACTION”.

Step 2:  On pending order screen, you can:

- Cancel each order or all orders you’ve placed or,

- Modify price only applied to the securities listed on Hanoi Stock Trading Center (HaSTC)

1. Cancel an Order

o       Choose the order you want to cancel and tick the square button box in “Cancel” column

o       Press “Cancel” button

o       A pop up will appear to ask if you want to proceed with your cancellation

o       Click “OK” to finish cancel process, otherwise Cancel.

2. Amend an Order

o       Choose the order you want to modify and click on the round button in “Modify column”

o       The amendment screen will appear for price modification.


o             If you want to proceed modification, click OK


1.      Successful cancel/modify orders depend on whether the original order is traded or not

2.      You can use “Order Log” in “Stock Transaction” to check your cancellation/modification status.

o             Message column displays information on the Cancel/Modify orders.

o             Price/Quantity column: If order status is SEND EXCHANGE, quantity/price column displays the actual quantity/price accepted to be cancelled/modified.

o             Order status:

- REJECTED: Cancel/Modify order is rejected (as the original order is fully traded)

- IN PROCESS: Cancel/Modify order is in process in FPTS system

- SEND EXCHANGE: Cancel/Modify order is sent to Exchange

The system is currently supporting Clients to modify price (applied to HaSTC) only once. Therefore, if Clients want to modify the order once again, you need to cancel the original order; then place a new order with the original quantity and desired price.


Part 1: Stock Transaction

1.1. Pending Orders

o             Display all valid orders placed during trading time and their order status.

o             Data updating capability:

    • Applied to HOSE:  Updates the result after each session. If the order is traded, it will disappear from Pending Orders.
    • Applied to HaSTC: Updates the result at the end of the trading time. The order can be traded but still displayed in Pending Orders.

o             Order status:

§         INPROCESS: the order is being proceeded in the system (not sent to HASTC/HOSE)

§         SEND EXCHANGE: the order is sent to HaSTC/HOSE

§         UNTRADED: the order is unmatched from the previous session (LO is valid in the next sessions)

o             To modify order: Tick in Modify box, a pop-up window will open for price modification (only applied to the securities listed on HaSTC)

o             To cancel order: Tick in Cancel box and press submit to cancel the order.

Notes: You can not cancel/modify orders currently proceeded in FPTS system.

o             You can choose the display mode like: Exchange, Symbol, Arrange Display Mode

o             Press Update button to update report if there is a new order or a change in Display Mode

The report will be refreshed at the end of trading time and all data during trading time will be deleted from the report.

1.2. Temporary Trade Log

o       Display traded orders during trading time as soon as FPTS receives data sent from HOSE/HaSTC.

1.3. Pending For Settlement

o       Display traded orders which are pending for settlement, trading time, settlement date, advanced amount, mortgaged amount, received money (for sale transaction)

o       Click "Update" in case there is a new order or you want to change display mode

1.4. Order log

o       Display all Clients’ trading activities (Buy/Sell, Cancel, Modify order)

o       Order type:

- ADD: place Buy/Sell order

- MODIFY: place Modify order

- CANCEL: place Cancel order

o       Update data: during trading time of both Exchanges

o       Clients can choose: Exchange, Symbol, Order status, Time period, etc

1.5. Temporary Trade Report

o      Display traded orders in a period of time at your discretion.

  • Update data: At the end of trading time, traded orders in a day will be updated.
  • Clients can choose display mode according to the following criteria, then press "Update": pending for settlement, trading time, settlement date, Advanced amount, mortgaged amount, received money (for sale transaction)

Part 2: Money Transaction

Integrate some utilities of EzAdvance – Online Advance Service and EzTransfer – Online Money Transfer Service. Please see EzAdvance User Guide and EzTransfer User Guide for further information.

Part 3: Account management

3.1. Stock statement

o       Display all open balance, debit/credit, remark, close balance in a period of time of stock account

o       Clients can choose the time period at your discretion and click "Submit".

o       This report is updated at the end of the day. During the trading time, close balance will be current open balance (debit/credit not yet counted)

3.2. Cash statement

o       Display all open balance, credit/debit, available cash, close balance in period of cash account.

o       Clients can choose the time period and click Submit.

o       This report is updated at the end of the day. During trading time, close balance will be current open balance (debit/credit not yet counted)

3.3. Trading Stock Balance

o       Display total quantity, pending quantity, available quantity.

3.4. Cash balance

o       Display total value, pending bid value, available value.

3.5. Asset report

o       Display market value and Clients’ available cash, pending cash or stock is not included (Stock value is counted according to market value of that stock)

3.6. Performance

o       Display stock portfolio which Clients own with quantity, cost value, latest traded price, market value, expected profit/loss (absolute number and percentage)

Part 4: Portfolio Management

o       Providing utilities of managing all investment portfolios of listed securities, OTC securities, foreign currency, gold, real estate, etc. Please see Portfolio Management User Guide for further information.

Part 5: Personal Information

Helping Clients change passwords and manage Token Card.



Market Watch (MW) is used as live quotes with outstanding features as follows:

1.      The information is updated rapidly and accurately due to new technology;

2.      Your favorite stocks can be added to your watch list;

3.      Stocks of both exchanges can be watched at the same time;

4.      Stock symbols, information column can be arranged at your discretion;

5.      Different kinds of portfolio can be chosen simultaneously;

6. Historical statistics of selected stocks can be watched;

7. Price chart can be used to watch price and trading volume fluctuation of any stock, VN-Index or HaSTC-Index during trading time.  

 Symbol addition/deletion:

Market Watch’s current default portfolio is FPT with only one symbol – FPT. Right click on a stock name in "Symbol" to choose this stock.

o      Choose "New" to add new symbol to the existing portfolio. Select desired stocks in Symbol List by 2 ways: typing this symbol name, then pressing Enter or clicking on a stock name to select desired stocks on both Exchanges. After selection process, added stocks will be arranged in alphabetical order.

o       Press “Remove Symbol” to delete the selected symbol.

Portfolio addition/deletion

-         Clients can create a new portfolio by pressing "New", then fill portfolio name and desired symbols. Symbols are confirmed by comma ",".

-         Press "Remove Portfolio" to delete the selected portfolio.


- After creating your portfolio, right click on the screen and choose "Save as Default Portfolio" to display the portfolio each time you log in EzTrade.

- It’s obligatory to have at least one portfolio in Market Watch.

Market Watch’s Fields Manipulation User Guide:

Market Watch helps Clients determine the best bid/offer price by right clicking on a symbol and select Buy/Sell.

-         Applied to Buy Order: Buy price is automatically displayed as the lowest offer price of this stock at the moment you place a Buy order.

-         Applied to Sell Order: Sell price is automatically displayed as the highest bid price of this stock at the moment you place a Sell order.


-         With this utility, Clients can input the quantity and press Submit to process the order.

-         Clients can change the price by typing the desired price before sending the order.

Historical Stock Data Searching User Guide:

Market Watch helps investors search information on trading price and quantity of any trading session in the past by right clicking on symbol name and choose “Historical Price”.

Price Chart Watching User Guide:

Market Watch helps investors watch price fluctuation of any stock by right clicking on symbol name and choose “Price Chart”.

Clients can witness VN-Index and HaSTC-Index happenings by right clicking on icon Chart (next to VN-Index and HaSTC-Index to the right)